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Honors Roommates

There is a long tradition of friendships that begin in Bergstrom Hall and endure throughout the years at SNC (& beyond!). This is the first installment in a series of articles featuring these stories: Bergstrom Hall beginnings, growth, and the bonds that are formed.


By Katie Hulce

One of the best perks of the Honors Program is that it lends itself for its participants to make lifelong friends. The people students meet freshman year often stick around throughout their college careers as they continue to grow and bond. Many end up sticking with the person they roomed with throughout their time at SNC or room with them again later on. Honors Roommates will be a recurring article about roommate pairings that were lucky matches made in heaven. I had this experience myself as a soon to be senior at SNC. I didn’t go random but still roomed with someone I had never met before. Living with someone you don’t know can truly be a blessing in disguise. Cassie and I had Bergstrom 207 as our home freshman year and have been best friends since. 


Despite not living together sophomore or junior year we had made a pact to live together our last year on campus, and we’re both so happy it’s happening! Our bond with the other honors students from our freshman year has only grown stronger, even though we’ll always miss late nights in the Bergstrom lounge. I’ve been fortunate enough to live with my friends I made in Bergstrom freshman year my entire college career thus far and it’s something I cherish. I have been able to meet people I never would have crossed paths with or lived with if not for the program. The amount of memories Cassie and I have in room 207 is unreal, from 2 am talks, to four hour accidental naps, movie nights, the list goes on. I’m excited to relive it all senior year together again.

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