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Spring Athletics Challenges & Triumphs

By Brenna Cisler

Another season of sports came and went this spring at St. Norbert College, but this season obviously looked a little different from previous years. After not getting to compete in spring or fall sports last year, it was a blessing to be able to compete and participate in team sports this spring, with some alterations and adjustments to accommodate coronavirus precautions. As a member of the track team here at St. Norbert College, I was excited to not only be able to compete again, but also to participate in normal team practices and activities.

Although we did not have a winter season (which starts in January for the spring semester and typically goes through the middle of March), the track team was still able to train together twice a week and practice on our own or with teammates unofficially on other days during this period. We also did not have any meets during this time, which meant that we were able to have the majority of our weekends free at the beginning of the semester.

Once the outdoor season began around mid-March, we started to have meets nearly every Saturday and were able to also practice as a team together three times per week. We were not able to stay overnight in hotels for competition, so all of our meets were relatively close by, with our furthest being at Beloit College. We also had our own assigned seats to sit in on the bus ride to and from our meets for social distancing purposes. Along with these precautions, we kept our masks on throughout the duration of the meet except when competing in our events, in accordance with Midwest Conference rules.

I absolutely loved being back in the swing of competition and practicing with our team again. I did not realize how much I would miss going to early morning practices at 6:30 a.m. or that I would actually look forward to getting up to get to the track just as the sun is rising, with dew still on the turf, so that I could run around the track with my best friends. There were certainly days last year when I did not look forward to early morning practices before classes, but after having it taken away for a year, I have grown to be much more appreciative of track, my team, our coaches, and all of the little things. These little things are the reasons why I continue to participate in collegiate sports. 

On Friday, May 14th, and Saturday, May 15th, the St. Norbert College track and field team competed in Ripon, Wisconsin at the North Division Outdoor Midwest Conference championships against rivals Ripon College, Lawrence University, Beloit College, and Lake Forest College. At the end of the two day competition, and after many personal records and National-qualifying performances by the team, both the men’s and the women’s St. Norbert College track and field teams successfully clenched the title of Midwest Conference champions! 

Despite all the challenges posed by the pandemic, the team overcame many metaphorical and physical obstacles. Here’s to SNC athletics continued success and another safe and healthy season next year!

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