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Senior Reflections: Favorite Honors Course

By Katie Hulce

One of the many lesser-known perks of the Honors Program is being able to take classes with your Bergstrom buddies over the course of your four years! We took time to sit down with some of the Honors seniors to reminisce about their favorite Honors classes they’ve taken. Each Honors class comes with so many unique memories.

Holly Buczek

“My favorite Honors class was probably the Honors Intro to Theology that freshmen/sophomores have to take.  I absolutely loved Dr. Gallagher-Elkins, and her flexibility with us.  We were able to pick projects and ideas to talk about, and it was nice to get to know other students in the Honors program that I didn’t know already.”

Claire Buser & Karlee Curtis

“Our favorite Honors course by FAR would have to be Honors 389 – Gender, Race, and Inequality in Criminal Justice Systems taught by Dr. John Raacke. This course introduced us to various forms of inequality in the Criminal Justice system, specifically those surrounding race and gender. Dr. Raacke is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about this topic and genuinely made coming to class enjoyable. He has a great rapport with students, as he seemed to especially enjoy teaming up with Karlee to scare the living daylights out of Claire!”

Cassie Nooyen

“Life after SNC with Dr. Carol Breuss was my favorite! The ability to take a class with Carol during my time at SNC was such a blessing. Even though it was at 8:20 in the morning, she made sure each of us was full of energy and excitement for the rest of the day. Because of the incredible connections Carol has, we were able to hear from leaders in a variety of fields, who provided incredible wisdom to prepare us for the next step of our journey.”

Lauren Pamperin

“The first was Evolution of Jazz with Dr. High. I took this class during the spring of 2020, so COVID obviously affected parts of it, but it was still an amazing class. Dr. High is so passionate about everything that he teaches and was able to incorporate personal experiences and stories into pretty much everything we talked about. It is just always so enjoyable to sit through a class with a professor that is passionate and energetic about what they’re talking about.

The other class was Origins of Biblical Monotheism with Dr. Bolin. Similar to Dr. High, Dr. Bolin is just so passionate about what he teaches, and it really showed during this class. He always made classes fun and interactive and encouraged us to question the things we were learning about. And, even though it was a Catholic Imagination class, it never felt like he was forcing any theological ideas on us and instead created an environment where we were able to decide for ourselves while still focusing on the Catholic faith.”

Ellen Crofts

“My favorite Honors class was Honors 101 with Dr. Paul. I enjoyed this class because it was not only a great opportunity to meet everyone in the Honors program, but it offered a variety of topics to engage in. Also, I enjoyed the trips we went on in the area to learn more about the topics we were discussing in class. It was a great introduction into the Honors Program and SNC overall.”

Mariah Lelewicz

“My favorite class for subject matter was probably Honors Poverty, Charity, and Welfare with Dr. Trollinger. I feel like I learned so much in this class and being able to complete a final project about a book that I chose was a meaningful experience. I wish COVID hadn’t caused this class to shift online, because I feel like I would have gotten even more out of the class if I was able to complete the academic service learning part of the class. I would highly recommend this class to anyone! P.S. It helped fulfill an Honors credit and it counted for both of my minors, too!!”

Calling all HP members past and present: What was your favorite Honors course and why? Leave us a reply and let us know! 

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