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Honors Siblings: Meet the Greys!

By Holly Buczek

This month’s article featuring siblings in the Honors Program introduces us the Grey siblings, Jennifer ‘22 and Catherine ‘24 from Menomonee Falls, WI! Catherine is pursuing degrees in Spanish and Biomedical Sciences while Jennifer is pursuing degrees in History and Secondary Education plus a certificate in Spanish. 

Both sisters wanted to come to St. Norbert because of their respective programs, as well as a few other characteristics of the college that appealed to them. When first visiting, Jennifer loved the overall community feel here at St. Norbert and Catherine loved the food! The Honors Program was also a crucial aspect in their decision to attend. Catherine appreciated being able to have the opportunity to register early for classes, and Jennifer was looking forward to being able to engage with like-minded peers in academically challenging classes.

The Grey sisters have a few traditions they do together here on campus when their schedules allow. They try to get together to do something fun on a regular basis or try to meet up and have a meal together. Sending a selfie of them together to their mom is a must! They also try to stop and talk whenever they have the time to catch up. Jennifer really likes having her sister on campus because she always has someone to talk to about anything and everything that is going on with her life. On the first day swipe access was restored on campus, the two sisters secretly made plans to surprise one another in each others’ rooms!

Both sisters are very involved on campus in a wide variety of activities. Jennifer is involved in the student organizations of Pen Pals and Chiara, as well as involvement in catechism at Old St. Joe’s. At the beginning of the semester there was an opening for an additional catechist and Jennifer encouraged Catherine to apply as well. Catherine is also involved in Ultimate Frisbee Club, Chiara, and Phi Sigma Iota, which is an academic honor society that recognizes excellence in and mastery of a foreign language.  

As members of the Honors Program, Jennifer and Catherine have many memories from their respective times spent in the Honors residence, Bergstrom Hall. Jennifer fondly remembers when the girls on her floor would watch movies or play games during the weekend. Similarly, Catherine loves the Bergstrom Games―a game of football or kickball that many Bergstrom residents participate in―which happen every Friday afternoon. She loves the laid-back, fun atmosphere and enjoys that all the residents can just hang out and have a good time together.

Some fun facts about Jennifer and Catherine:

  • Favorite Student Organization: Catherine’s favorite club is Ultimate Frisbee and Jennifer’s favorite club is Pen Pals.
  • Favorite Study Spot: Catherine’s favorite study spot on campus is the basement of GMS because the white boards are massive and fun to use. Jennifer’s favorite spot to study is the on the west side of the second floor lounge of GMS because it’s sunny and motivating.
  • Favorite Drink at Ed’s Cafe: Catherine’s favorite drink was the March special, the Grasshopper shake, because it tastes just like a Shamrock Shake. Jennifer’s favorite was the Green Apple Seltzer which was the featured April special.
  • Favorite Class: Catherine’s favorite class is an independent study that she took which focused on costume design and construction. Jennifer’s favorite class was History of Ancient Greece!

We hope you enjoyed reading about these amazing siblings! The Honors Program has a long tradition of siblings as members. Check back each month for our next featured sibs!

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