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Bergstrom Happenings: Pre-Thanksgiving Activities

By Morgan Fimreite

Pre-Thanksgiving Bergstrom Activities

Events in Bergstrom Hall began nightly at 7pm from Wednesday the 17th to Monday the 21st. Presentation night kicked off the festivities with presentations on all sorts of topics, ranging from informative warnings to life-changing advice. The following activities were Jackbox games, a fun-fact Kahoot, Unsolved Case, words of affirmation, and game night. 

Jack presented the first of multiple memorable presentations on Wednesday night. He cautioned us that doors were coming to take over the country and walked us through a suspenseful story that ended in complete tragedy. The doors succeeded in overthrowing the government and he did a wonderful job of narrating the story of devastation. Charles presented in a similar fashion to Jack, but offered us a solution for sadness: eating rocks. All for jokes (please don’t actually eat rocks), Charles explained that his friend was feeling bored and sad from eating the same old meals. But adding rocks to his food turned his frown upside down, quite literally thanks to some photoshop from Charles. For Dylan’s presentation on the Top 10 Hottest NFL Mascots, Viktor the Viking, Sourdough Sam, and Sir Saint made the rankings, as well as Aaron Rodgers (representing State Farm), who was number five. The winner was Boltman of the San Diego Chargers. Lastly, Logan A. presented the Worst Disney Villains. Of course, his list included Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Scar from The Lion King, and Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians, but it didn’t take long for his presentation to become quite surprising. Logan presented some characters we’re not familiar with calling villains like Jessie from Toy Story, for being “too southern,” Mary Poppins, for flying without a Pilot’s License (which could result in a prison sentence), and Lightning McQueen, for being mean to Mater. 

Mentioning Lightning McQueen led Logan’s presentation to become participatory when the audience couldn’t hide their curiosity about the world the movie Cars takes place in. This resulted in questions regarding similarities between the world of Cars and the world we currently live in. Even though Logan didn’t know the answers to every question, many were raised about wars, killers, religions, and famous people (or cars) in the Cars universe. While a winner of presentation night has not been chosen, it’s clear that the audience was very interested and actively participated in Logan’s. 

The following nights were full of fun games and bonding activities including a Kahoot about fun facts of Bergstrom residents and writing words of affirmation on sticky notes in the first floor lounge. Most were words of encouragement to push through the last few weeks of school, including one reminding us that there’s only four more Mondays left before Winter Break. There were also some more detailed quotes and drawings of hearts, smiley faces, and Phineas from Phineas and Ferb. Overall, the activities were a great way to lead up to Thanksgiving break, and with only a week left of classes until Winter Break, let’s keep up the morale and finish strong this semester!



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