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Honors Roommates: Holly Buczek & Karlee Curtis ’22

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By Holly Buczek


Freshman Year: Bergstrom Hall, 2018 

Anyone who has attended college can remember how stressful the housing process can be.  Some people are roommates for only one year, others are roommates for all four years, while others fall somewhere in-between.  The latter is true for May 2022 graduates, Karlee Curtis and me, Holly Buczek.  Karlee is earning a Biology degree with a concentration in biomedical sciences; I am pursuing a degree in elementary education and a Spanish certificate.

Karlee and I first met a month before our freshman year began.  I drove up to Green Bay where Karlee lives, and we drove around town, got frozen yogurt at Smart Cow, and walked around campus.  Although we were super nervous for the year to start, we were so excited to live together in Bergstrom Hall.  After freshman year, we remained friends but went our separate ways housing-wise.  It wasn’t until this year, our senior year, that we became roommates once more living in Gries Hall.  

It’s funny that the first thing we did when we met was drive around the greater Green Bay area, since that’s what we love to do together three years later.  Picture our typical Saturday morning: the two of us driving around aimlessly, eating bagels, drinking iced coffee, talking, and listening to Taylor Swift (especially since the re-release of Red).  This is one of my favorite things to do with Karlee because I am always ready for an adventure and because she always makes me laugh, no matter what.  Karlee loves to do this with me because I am always there to listen and apparently, I give excellent advice.

After graduating in the spring, I plan on applying to work in either an elementary or middle school in my home district or here in Green Bay.  I plan to student teach from January to May of 2022, so I hope to solidify my plans once I begin my placements and find out what I like to teach.  Karlee will be continuing her degree at the University of Wisconsin—La Crosse. She’ll begin the Physician Assistant Studies Program in May of 2022, only a few weeks after graduation.  This is a two year program, after which she plans to return to the Green Bay area to work as a Physician Assistant in northeastern Wisconsin.

As our senior year is coming to an end, Karlee and I realize how lucky we have been to be in each others’ lives, and we plan on keeping in touch after graduation.  If someone were to ask me to list my favorite memories from the Honors Program, or even just SNC as a whole, Karlee and the other friends I made in the Program are in most of my best memories.  As excited as we are to start our careers – and let’s face it, to put homework behind us – we are also very sad to close this chapter in our lives.  However, I know that my time with Karlee and the other honors students will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.

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